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Here’s the scoop on the latest kerfluffle.

Shortly after the conclusion of GISHWHES (the Misha-organized scavenger hunt), all participants received an email pointing to mysterious websites and twitter accounts that hinted at a new event, “Christmas Will Never Be The Same”. After the success of GISHWHES and various other Misha-related events, expectations were high for another creative, participatory, and/or charitable event.

Today the event turned out to be a web screening of “Stonehenge Apocalypse”, a Syfy original movie starring Misha. He and another actor will be providing MST3K style commentary. There is a small fee for viewing, and options to spend more money to interact with the actors/receive swag. All in all, a bit of a letdown after all the fan speculation.

What’s been fascinating to me is the fan reactions (all readable on the Tumblr #misha collins tag while the wank lasts). They tend to fall among the following broad categories…

  • “I’m disappointed that this event is kinda lame and costs too much money. It’s Christmas, and I thought Misha would give us a gift.”
  • “How dare you criticize Misha! He does so much for us and we should be grateful for what we get.”
  • “Misha is a sell-out, going commercial and exploiting impressionable young girls for money and boobs.”
  • “Stop putting hate on the #Misha Collins tag! I will block anyone who does!”
  • “I’m not criticizing Misha, I’m just saying I’m disappointed. I’m entitled to my feelings and I’m allowed to have an opinion, aren’t I? I’m just stating my opinion.”
  • “You’re an entitled cunt for having such high expectations of someone who just had a baby, ran a marathon for charity WITH A COLD, and is still wading through photos of hairy men in tutus trying to identify the GISHWHES winners. What more does this beautiful man have to do for you?”
  • “It’s just $8, and I know you have money so stop acting like you’re an advocate for impoverished fans.”
  • “What’s going on? Why is everyone angry at Misha? What’s this Stonehenge thing? I’m so confused!”

Oh, Fandom. Never ever change.

I know I’m getting to be an old fart when fandom wars make me tick off squares on a bingo card. But there’s an extra layer of madness that keeps me hanging around the Misha Collins fandom.

On one hand we have the ginormous hydra-headed internecine fandom. On the other hand the object of the fandom’s devotion is a professional troll with a degree in Social Theory, who likes to poke things to see what happens.

Whether Misha genuinely miscalculated the excitement value of the Christmas project, or consciously engineered high expectations followed by a plausible let-down just to collect data on fan reactions, I do not know. But I really REALLY want it to be the latter.

Because I’m an old fandom fart and I want to see something new under the sun.

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My friend [ profile] mergle writes fanfic in various video game and anime fandoms and she's been having Thinky Thoughts about the political ramifications of writing slash as a straight woman. She's interested in hearing people's thoughts on the subject at her LJ here.

Her corner of fandom is generally less engaged in meta and political discussions, and she's eager to get the perspective of people with an interest in gender politics.

Head on over! She makes great fudge. And she has a cat.
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I suddenly want to see an episode of Psych set in Ankh-Morpork. Shawn and Gus the pseudo-psychic detectives driving Commander Sam Vimes up a wall would be a thing of beauty.
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*twiddles thumbs*

I'm waiting for my Yuletide assignment!!

*refreshes email*

*checks watch*

*twiddles thumbs*

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Dear Yuletide Writer Person,

This is the first time I've signed up for Yuletide, so I'm fretting over being too specific or not specific enough about what I like to read. Either way, I don't want to limit you in what you feel comfortable writing - and I'll be thrilled to receive what you create, regardless.

Read more... )

I hope this letter doesn't read like a horribly restrictive laundry list. I want to reiterate that all my comments here are just suggestions. If you're moved to write something completely different from what I've asked for, go for it! Surprises are good. And I'll have fun reading anything you had fun writing.

P.S. - If you are a pinch hitter... )

Thank you for your time and energy!
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There's been a question that's bugging me about a trope I've noticed in Buffy, True Blood and Twilight. (Full disclosure: I've only seen the first 3 episodes of TB and read summaries of Twilight.)

All three have "primary" relationships with certain themes in common. Buffy/Angel, Sookie/Bill and Bella/Edward all consist of women with special powers and somewhat obsessive vampires who try to practice asceticism. Sookie and Bella are both considered "temptingly edible" by their paramours, and Buffy's slayer blood is supposed to turbo-charge vamps (tho Angel never showed a particular interest in drinking from her). All three stories also had incidents ("Earshot" on Buffy (S3) and recurring in the others) in which one partner with mind reading powers couldn't read the other's mind.

I can see how the yummy blood, asceticism and super-girl tropes arise naturally from the vampire theme. The first two together provide instant dramatic tension, and the third supposedly appeals to the young female audience members who identify with the heroine.

But what is up with the mind-reading and blocking? Telepathy isn't a skill traditionally associated with vampires (heck, in two of the pairings it's the non-vampire with mind-reading skills). And I haven't seen this trope in many other genres (but maybe I'm just not aware of them).

I guess my question is two-fold.
  1. What dramatic or symbolic purpose is served by having one character's telepathic abilities blocked by their love-interest?
  2. Why is this a recurring trope in vampire romances?

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We all joke about "fannish osmosis," and this comment ficathon is going to put that to the test. The object is to write a ficlet for a fandom you're not a part of based solely on what you've learned from your friends list and fandom at large. Silly, serious, the tone and approach are up to you. The only rule is that you can't write for a fandom that you have actually seen the source material for. (So, if, for example, you've seen all of Criminal Minds but just haven't participated in the fandom, that doesn't count.)

The hilarity is astounding. Come see people reinterpret you favorite show or book based on hearsay and publicity photos

Here's my stab at Stargate Atlantis and Twilight. Also, <user name=mergle> did Buffy.

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I posted my first story for [ profile] au_bingo .

Admittedly, I wrote this fic about two years ago when I was involved with the Torchwood fandom. But I never felt comfortable posting it.

There was (perhaps still is?) a schism in the TW fandom wherein people either wrote Janto mpreg kidfic soap operas or denounced Janto mpreg kidfic soap operas, with rousing arguments on the nature of Quality, clique-ishness, flounces and counter-flounces, accusations of elitism, and fandom warfare of an intense nature. Since I'd written a (gasp) kid-fic I was quite frightened of how it would be received. I thought of killing the kid's parents to punch up the angst, but that ended up being too much effort and I tucked the fic away in the back of my hard drive and forgot about it.

Then came Season 3, Children of Earth, which (a) made my fic spectacularly AU rather than saccharine wish-fulfillment with a pint-size Mary Sue and (b) conveniently knocked up Gwen Cooper.

To summarize, I feel much more comfortable posting this fic now, and [ profile] au_bingo  provided me a great excuse. The title sux, though. If anyone can suggest a better one, I'll be much obliged.

Here goes nothing...

Word count:
The Prodigy
[info]au_bingo  - Other: Kid-fic
Jack, Ianto, OC
AU - Children of Earth never happened
For some Torchwood agents, training starts early

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1.   Five things.

2.    I need LJ icons to represent WRITING, YIPPEE, and RAGE. I haven't found any good ones. Any recommendations? Icons related to my fandoms preferred.

3.    I have succumbed to peer pressure and signed up for a fanfic bingo card, specifically from [ profile] au_bingo  because the prompts looked interesting. I'm not sure how far I'll stick to the letter of the rules, but if the prompts get me writing there will be reason enough to rejoice.

Click for card... )

 4. If you're familiar with the Potterverse and have the inclination for a high-larious, mind-blowing WIP fanfic novel that doubles as an epistemology textbook, then RUN - do not walk - to read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, in which a first-year Harry struggles to control his Mysterious Dark Side (TM), devises a plan to out-gringott Gringotts, gets Draco to admit that blood-purity is bunkum, and witnesses Professor Dumbledore setting fire to a chicken.

A taster... )

5.    There's nothing good on Hulu. Why is there nothing good on Hulu?

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It's Jukebox July on [ profile] still_grrr . Some of my favorite music is being featured and while I can't come up with any ideas for fanfic or fanart, I feel I should honor the occasion in some small way. Hence this little gem making its way to your friends page.


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A Dollhouse fic I wrote for [ profile] doll_ficathon and my first Bones fic that I wrote in response to yesterday's angst-tasticness.
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...and a Norwegian forensic anthropologist at a rivethead black metal concert identifies some skeletal remains as,

"Definitely human. And according to the orthodonture - American."

"American? Are you certain?"

"Yes, American."

Best teeth on the planet. There's a reason I love this country.

(This post is brought to you by "My orthodontist put a heavier gauge wire on my bottom teeth this week and now my mouth hurts, ow.")
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Sorry for the lateness, but I want to thank the kind person who nominated Battlefield of the Gods for the Sunnydale Memorial Awards. It's a thrill to know that someone thought so highly of it.
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This show has officially grown on me. Now I need a Caprica icon.

James Marsters as Barnabas - I'm having trouble seeing him as Barnabas the Revolutionary, but that's probably more because of my familiarity with the actor than a comment on his portrayal. In his first scene the accent did a good job at differentiating Barnabas from JM and Spike, but the accent wavered in the scene with Lacy. I imagine I'll get used to seeing him as Barnabas in a couple of episodes, but for now the wrapping-barbwire-around-his-arm made me want to chase him around with gauze and disinfectant.

I'm tempted by the ship that is Zoe/Philomon (Zolomon? Phloe?), moreso than I ever was by Topher/Bennett. I loved Topher for his absolute trust in his own abilities and his comfort with his eccentricities, but he wasn't like most nerds I've actually met. Philo rings true in the way he is painfully aware of his social awkwardness, and only relaxes in the privacy and safety of his lab. I don't know if robotics geeks often anthropomorphize their robots, but his treatment of Zoe-bot as a sentient being is probably making her existence a lot more tolerable. The Zoe-playing-Rachel-playing-Zoe charade risks devolving into a Shakespearean farce, but if handled well the ship could well be tender and moving. It also subverts the Pygmalion myth - this Galatea made herself and she gets to choose whom to love.

Sister Clarice wants Zoe's avatar as a way to build an Afterlife for her fellow believers. Does her god not provide one? Is it a BYOH - Bring Your Own Hereafter?

The "Welcome to your Holoband" Daniel Graystone reminds me disturbingly of Microsoft Bob, who was so annoying that Clippy the MS Office Paperclip was hailed as a savior when it replaced him.

What I did miss this week was Tamara Adams, whose transition from Nervous (and dead) School Girl to Badass Kingpin  in the holoworld was as exhilarating as it was sudden. Bet she never said to herself, "When I grow up I want to be a computer virus."

Probably the thing I love the most about Caprica (and this is probably Jane Espenson's doing) is the number of complex characters played by women at least in their forties. There's Amanda Graystone - brilliant but isolated, and prone to sharing her deepest fears with any stranger who offers to listen. Clarice Willow - a private school educator with an addiction to political intrigue and mind-altering substance. Vesta, the holoworld Crimelord-Wannabe from last week's episode. And of course Ruth, the cookie-baking grandmother who wants her son-in-law to avenge her daughter's death by murdering an innocent woman.

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(Some background for non-fandom people reading this: There was recently an online contest for writing fanfiction based on characters from Joss Whedon shows. Since I'm a fan of said shows and miss doing creative stuff, I decided to try my hand at it. The outcome was four stories inspired by literature from four different eras.)

The January  [ profile] still_grrr  challenge was to create fiction or art inspired by classic literature throughout history. After hearing that anyone who answered all four prompts (one each week) would get a cookie participation banner, I wrote the four stories below.

Week 1: Ancient to Renaissance literature.
Parable of the Artificial Duck

This one's based on characters from Dollhouse. It's a scene with two scientists and a man whose brain they recently reprogrammed to save his life. Now the guy's paranoid (for good reasons) that they made some changes to his "software".

Week 2: Neoclassic to Victorian literature.
Ghazal for a Slayer

I intertwined a classical Urdu poem with scenes from a dysfunctional (but compelling) relationship between two characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This story will probably make the least sense to someone not familiar with the show, but poetry fans will want to check out the references in the author's notes.

Week 3: Edwardian to Modern literature.
The Barter Economy

I think I'm most proud of this one. It comes closest to a classic short story in flavor, and the mood was inspired by Heart of Darkness and The Gospel According to Mark, both stories that begin in the alleged light of civilization and move toward a creepy and very human darkness. This is also the story that has kept me up at night - I think I committed race-fail in my depiction of the Lanai-ur tribe, and intend to rewrite it at some point.

Week 4: Anything before 1960
Battlefield of the Gods

I did not expect this story to get the positive response it did. There must something about  watching fallen gods acting like spoiled, self-centered twenty-somethings that resonates with our most primitive instincts. Readers not familiar with the Buffyverse find this inaccessible, though it's probably the in-jokes that make it work for those in the know.

I'm hugely grateful to whoever nominated this story for the No Rest For the Wicked Awards (In two categories! WOW!). Wednesday was the worst day I'd had in months, and learning about the nomination gave me a much-needed boost. Thank you, anonymous saint!
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I just had an IM conversation with [ profile] mergle about Angel from the Buffyverse. Note that she hasn't seen the series yet, but I've blathered about it to her enough that she's now having dreams about Buffy and her parents being vampires, the citizens of Sunnydale protesting that she's not slaying fast enough, Angel brooding that he couldn't save some kids from being zombified, and product tie-ins called "Dark Buffy Bars".

She also says about Angel:

[ profile] mergle : The first I heard of him was "vampire with a soul, gets cursed to have the soul until he's perfectly happy, and then he sleeps with Buffy and is happy so he loses his soul and goes on a killing spree."
[ profile] mergle : Somehow I wound up imagining Buffy waking up that morning and walking down the stairs to see lots of random dead bodies, and Angel making waffles in the kitchen.
[ profile] bobthemole : oh god, that has to be reproduced somewhere

Hi, I'm Bob and I drag people into fandoms against their will. I'll bet there's a special circle in hell for people like me.

ETA: We're willing to make a donation to the Haiti relief effort if someone makes fan art of the waffles scene.
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I am in the process of writing a fic for this week's [ profile] still_grrr  writing challenge. It's set in the Peruvian Amazon. I'm not familiar with the Spanish language and South American culture beyond what I've been able to gather from the internet in the past couple of days, and I'm looking for someone more familiar with either who can tell me if I've made any glaring errors.

Anyone able and willing to volunteer?

Fandom meme

Jan. 3rd, 2010 11:49 pm
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Following in the footsteps of [ profile] snickfic and [ profile] angearia from the Buffy fandom, but feel free to ask me about any fandom I've dabbled in.

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general. Favorite character, favorite moment, unpopular opinion, something about a fic of mine... whatever. Subparts allowed. Wackiness encouraged.


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