Nov. 11th, 2011

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Here are my nominations for Yuletide:

Dresden Files - Jim Butcher :

Karrin Murphy
The Leanansidhe
The Archive (Ivy)
Rashid the Gatekeeper

It's a motley bunch of (mostly) supporting characters and I don't recall them interacting much in the series. But The Dresden Files is an incredibly layered series with a bunch of complex worlds and I couldn't decide which to focus on. So I picked an interesting character from each from mundane Chicago, the Unseelie Court, and the White Council, plus one creepy little orphan girl who knows everything (including the contents of every parenting book ever written). I could have fun writing any or all of these.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke :

Arabella Strange
John Childermass
Lady Pole
John Segundus

Most of the flash-bang in the Strange/Norrell series comes from the volatile Practical Magicians in the title. But I was drawn more to the sedate sensible people* who ended up as collateral damage to the protagonists' shenanigans. I can see them pooling their resources after the conclusion to the novel, and lobbying for responsible teaching and practice of magic.
* Perhaps "sedate" and "sensible" aren't the words to describe Childermass, but he's the most pragmatic character in the book and knows how to play his cards.

The Lost Room :

Suzie Kang
The Sood
Lee Bridgewater

This SyFy mini-series was Character-actor-Central when it aired, and it had exquisite world-building. I was fascinated by the underground economy that sprang up around the pursuit and acquisition of Objects, and the subtle (and not so subtle) ways the Objects drew out the worst in their owners. I picked two characters (Kang and The Sood) who trade in knowledge about the Objects, but avoid personal contact with them. Wally owns one Object with a ludicious power that he hoards like his Precious. Bridgewater's a cop who was trying to help the Token Mundane in the series. I want to know what she does with her new-found knowledge of the Objects after the series conclusion.


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