Oct. 19th, 2011

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I have a ridiculous backlog of TV shows I've been meaning to write about:

First I was bored by it, then I loved it, then I got bored, and now it's winning me over again. It's a quirky screwball crime drama with great chemistry between the leads - fluffy cotton candy and little more. It occasionally has DEEP DARK episodes which are handled well, but the strength of the show is in it's dramedy and the will-they-wont-they relationship between Castle and Beckett. Actually it's more of a "will-they-in-the-November-February-or-May-sweeps-period" because everyone agrees it's a foregone conclusion. Even the "Romantic Rivals" introduced about twice a season start shipping Caskett and bow out gracefully after the last commercial break. Bonus! Beckett is now seeing a therapist, who talks like a shipper mouthpiece.

This is my current favorite show. I avoided it forever, expecting it to be a cheap x-files knock-off. It had a number of gratuitous "homages" to the x-files, which I painstakingly made fun of on Tumblr, but then the plot took an abrupt left turn and entered the realm of alternate realities.

The characters are pushing my buttons in a good way - people who have been horribly scarred by circumstance but still defend the world with compassion and humor. And the mad scientist had a mysophobic fit in a hotel room the same week as me! How could I love him more?

I know many LOSTies have sworn off any JJ Abrams show but Fringe is handling its non-linear storytelling structure a lot better. And the characterization and acting alone are worth following the show. Several actors are playing multiple characters - and doing a much better job than Eliza Dushku.

After much encouragement by [personal profile] snickfic, I watched the Good Parts Version of this exclusively to read all the great fanfic out there. I was fascinated to find that my feelings about the characters diverge greatly from the fandom norm. I started out a Sam fan whereas Dean slowly grew on me. Castiel, for all his befuddled charm, needs to be slapped sometimes. Or spanked. Either's fine by me.

I also am a lot more into the universe than the lead characters. This may be because back in 2004 I had a dream that God had abdicated and Heaven and Hell were waging a backstage war over the world. I had vague notions of writing a novel about it one day except now I don't have to, thanks to Mr. Kripke! But I want to know what everyone else is doing. Where are the Saints? Is the Virgin Mary spearheading a "Find My Son" campaign? How are ordinary people reacting to the sudden absence of God, when they don't even know He's missing? Was God kidnapped? By the Old Ones? Is he in a coma, ala Dogma? I HAVE ALL THESE QUESTIONS THAT THE SHOW DOESN'T CARE TO ANSWER!

I've watched the five most recent episodes. Sometimes I can't tell if the humor is really silly or too subtle for me. It's probably the latter. Plus, I only want to watch the Troy and Abed show.

The best bits get giffed on Tumblr anyway.

Parks and Recreation:
I've only seen the first episode and the recent "Pawnee Goddesses" one. I liked what I saw. Maybe I'll watch it again.


I've only seen a handful of episodes - I think they've only killed one probation worker so far. And I want to slap that curly haired kid. I liked it but I won't watch the rest until the next Network show hiatus.


I think this is one of my favorite seasons. I don't follow the chronological order everything happened in, but I have saved a lot of diagrams from Tumblr and will study them deeply some day. Amy and Rory are appropriately badass, AND they launched a perfume company. Plus, I want to be River Song when I grow up.

Torchwood: Miracle Day:

I am aspiring to be River Song because I will never reach the level of Badassery that is Gwen Cooper shooting a firearm while bouncing a cooing baby on her shoulder. Plus that scene where Gwen and Jack are betraying each other and understanding each other perfectly and hating each other? One of the best scenes in the entire series. Too bad that rubbish about the ass-crack of the world making people immortal had to get in the way. Bonus! When it comes to choosing the least appropriate inflection for a line of emotional dialogue, John Barrowman never disappoints. And that is why we LOVE him.

And I need to post this before something crashes, yeah?


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