Jan. 15th, 2011

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I have become addicted to the Find The Famous Pineapple game on the Psych official website.

Official website. Seriously. The last time I was this fascinated by something on an official website, Titanic had just come out and free downloadable wallpapers were the height of cool. The world has come a long way since then.

Psych, as many know, is a popular buddy-format detective show about a fake psychic (+ sidekick) who solves crimes that baffle the Santa Barbara Police Department. Not as many people are aware that in almost every episode, there exists a Pineapple. It may be a fresh pineapple wrapped in a pretty bow. It may be an ugly pineapple-shaped tchochke. It may be slices of pineapple on a Hawaiian pizza. If you look close enough, you might find it.

The website went one further than that and hid lots of little pineapples among images of famous works of art. Being the anal retentive person I am, I have been clicking on pineapples for the past several hours. The job is slightly harder than it strictly needs to be, because the pineapples in each picture have been adapted to the style of the work itself.

There are impressionist pineapples. There are pre-Raphaelite pineapples. There are pointillist, surrealist and quilted pineapples. There are historical black-and-white-footage pineapples that you have to pick out of a crowd like Where's Waldo.

I have to admit, it felt profane to pick out pineapples among the anguished faces in Guernica. On the other hand, The Lady of Shalott seemed to be consoled by the fruit she held clutched to her bosom.


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